iPhone6/6S Waterproof Cell Phone Case Shell Series Accessories 1015/16/17/18/19

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Products reflect the independent spirit of our designers and represent a dedication to craftsmanship. Our distinctive cases are engineered to protect your gear from the rigors of a mobile lifestyle.Our new materials exhibits a patented design that features a hard outer shell and a soft impact resistant core.
Main Casing:
Thin type, light weight, excellent handle.
Comprehensive and three-dimensional protections
2 meters drop resistance design, seismic mitigation design
10 meters detailed waterproof design.  This will ensure that your main casing doesn't leak when it is placed underwater(within 10 meters).
The opening is designed at the bottom. It will be easy and simple for disassembling.
The Camera cover plate use Gorilla Glass, its transmission of light is good.
Fingerprint identification to unlock the phone
Scratch resistance touch screen
Oversized Audio and Charger ports allow for use with most headphones, earbuds, and charging cable.
The Receiver and microphone have membrane, which sound transmission effect is good.
The new innovative backplane design:Can connect a variety of stent; Detachable; Thin; Desktop support function
Meets SGS drop-test and waterproof test standards providing increased shock and waterproof protection.
Arm Belt:
User can freely adjust the tightness of the Arm Belt according to user's arm size.
Riding Support:
High quality and Brand new. Cool and fashion design, never out of date.
Easy to install, no tool in need.
360°rotation, strong ball joint allow view of any angle.
Protect your mobile phone safety when you riding bike.
Type : 7000-1015/1016/1017/1018/1019
Color : Main Casing:Transparent/Arm Belt:Black/Riding Support:Black/Sucker:Black
Main Casing Size : 6.1''(L) x 3.13''(W) x 0.75''(T)
Riding Support Size : 2.87''(L) x 2.56''(W) x 3.23''(H)
Sucker Size : 5.32''(L) x 3.03''(W) x 4.04''(H)
Main Casing Net Weight : 0.17 Lbs
Application Environment : -4℉-140℉(Within 10 meters underwater)

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