Lovupet 70" Wood-plastic Composite Chicken Coop Hen House Rabbit Hutch Backyard Cage N0326+0327

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This house is constructed by Wood-plastic Composite. The Asphalt roof provides a rain and sun heat protection. All joints are mortise and tenon. Come model come with a zinc pull out tray for easy cleaning. The Spray wire is solid and Non-toxic in case your animals like to chew. This spacious pet cage has one integrated run with open floor which allows your lovely little pet grazing and running on the field, and ensure your baby can have enough exercise every moment. When your pet feels tired, it can climb up the ramp and take a rest in its own bedroom. It also comes with the egg house so you can collect the egg from your hen every day.It is a perfect house for your pet. The fence is made of the mesh wire which ensures your baby is free from rat, snake and cat. The base of this penthouse is a zinc galvanized slide out tray which saves your time in cleaning up their bedroom. Quickly assemble and easy to follow illustrations. The package is all accessories including. This is the perfect house for your Chicken,Hen,Rabbit, Guinea Pig or Ferret.

  • Condition : New
  • Suitable for Rabbits, Chickens, Ducks, Poultry, or Other Pet.
  •  Wood-plastic Composite and mesh wire pet house, waterproof roof.
  • A window in the living house provides access to sunlight and free circulation of air.
  • A Bottom Sliding tray Allows For Easy Cleaning Access.
  • The living house is 15'' off the ground to reduce dampness and damages.
  • A lockable nest box for easy feeding and egg extracting.
  • Two Lockable doors for easy access to pets and Keeps them Secure At Night.
  • A sturdy mesh wire backyard provides a protected spacious outdoor space for your furry friends.
  • There’s a non-slip ramp connecting the living house and the backyard.
  • Assembly is required (Easy assembly).

It is up to you as a buyer to decide how many pets you feel is suitable for this coop and how much room you want to allow. Please check below dimensions and make decisions by yourselves.
Water proof coop, but please cover the coop for heavy rain.

Item Specifications

  • Type : 6010-N0326+0327
  • Color :  Blue&White/ Pink&White
  • Material : Wood-plastic Composite, Mesh Wire
  • Overall Size : 6010-N0326 : 70"(W) x39"(D) x 39.4"(H),
  • 6010-N0326+6010-0327 : 70"(W) x70.5"(D) x 39.4"(H)
  • Living Area Size : 21.3"(L) x 30"(W) x 13.4"(H)
  • Nest Box Size : 21"(L) x 11.2"(W) x 13.8"(H)
  • Backyard Size : 6010-N0326:31.5"(L) x 21.1"(W) x 23.2"-15"(Max/Min Height)
    6010-N0326+6010-0327: 56.5"(L) x31.5"(D) x 23.2"-15"(Max/Min Height)
  • The height from ground to the bottom of the living area : 15"
  • Tray Size : 21.3"(L) x 30"(W)
  • Packing Size : 6010-N0326: 40"(L) x 24.6"(W) x11.6"(H);
    6010-0327: 37.4"(L) x 36.2"(W) x 3.6"(H)
  • Package Include 1x Living Room, 1x Nest Box, 1xRun Backyard, 1x Tray

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