Lovupet Chicken Coop Rabbit Poultry Hen House Pet Cage Backyard Supply Retractable Wheel 6010-0309L


This high quality Large Deluxe Chicken coop is made from fully treated and grooved wood. It is coated with a water based preservative. It comes with sliding access pan, which makes easy to clean.


  • Suitable for raising Rabbits, Chickens, Ducks, Or Other Poultry
  • Easy Assembly
  • All solid fir wood, better quality than other coops on market
  • Includes two retractable wheels. wheels can be retracted easily after the chicken coop is moved to the desired location
  • Slatted wood roof, can be opened. Waterproof lacquer and sloping roof to protect from water penetration
  • Two doors and one windows on the front
  • Two front doors can be locked
  • Inside door can be opened from outside
  • Nesting box included
  • Slide out Cleaning Tray
  • Strong Galvanized mesh wire
  • Fully treated for outdoor use
  • The roofed run attached to the hutch is included
  • Roosting Bars inside
  • Water proof coop, but please cover the coop for heavy rain
  • It is up to you as a buyer to decide how many birds you feel is suitable for this coop and how much room you want to allow. Please check below dimensions and make decisions by yourselves.

Package included:

  • Chicken coop
  • Nest Box
  • Roofed Run
  • Instruction


  • Type : 6010-0309L
  • Overall Dimension 82.7 in(L)x52.4in(H)x27.5in(W)
  • Total Run Area 64" long x 25.5" deep Approximately 11.3 sq.ft
  • NEST BOX Inside Dimension 26.6" long x 13.2" with x 14.8" deep
  • Chicken number 4-6 chicken