Mcombo 2"x110 Clear Tape Carton Packaging Shipping Tape 36 Rolls Carton Sealing

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Items Description:

This is 2'' wide scotch tape. Its total length is 330 feet. Products with the appearance of clean, strong adhesive, non-residue, high intensity, the shear will not cause deformation and so on. Meets UPS, U.S. Postal, FedEx, DHL and others regulations.

  • Ideal For Carton Packing, Warehouse Storage Of Goods, Container Shipment, Products Sealing Glue And Fixed, Sealing Packing, Carton Binding
  • Meets UPS, U.S. Postal, FedEx, DHL and others regulations.
  • Durable And Lightweight
  • Strong Adhesive Force , Viscous Force And Tensile Strength
  • Non-stick leading edge for simple and easy starting.
  • These tape rolls have a standard 3-inch paper core which may be used with almost any packing tape dispenser, including hand-held types.
  • Perfect With Hand-Held Tape

Package Includes:

  • 36 rolls x Scotch Tape
Item Specifications:

Type : 7000-0036
Color : Clear
Length :110 yards. 330'
Width : 2"
Inside Diameter Of Single Roll : 4.3"
Outside Diameter Of Single Roll : 3"
Quantity per Carton : 36

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