Lovupet 70'' Wood Chicken Coop Hen House Rabbit Hutch Big Backyard Pet Cage 0326 / 0327

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This brand new cage is made of fir wood and mesh wire, completing with one living room, a nest box, a run backyard.If you want your pet to have a bigger living space, you can order an extra running cage. It is strong and durable enough to protect your lovely pets.

 New Model,  Best Choice

  • Note:
    1、Our basic model is 0326, which includes a loft and a yard.
    2、Model of X0327 is larger than 0326, because it has a loft and two yards.
    3、Every model of this product has two different colors of blue and pink.


  • Suitable for Rabbits, Chickens, Ducks, Poultry, or Other Pet
  • Wood and mesh wire pet house, waterproof roof
  • A window in the living house provides access to sunlight and free circulation of air
  • A bottom sliding tray allows for easy cleaning access
  • The living house is 15'' off the ground to reduce dampness and damages
  • A lockable nest box for easy feeding and egg extracting
  • Two lockable doors for easy access to pets and keeps them secure
  • A sturdy mesh wire backyard provides a protected spacious outdoor space for your furry friends
  • There’s a non-slip ramp connecting the living house and the backyard
  • Assembly is required (Easy assembly)
  • It is up to you as a buyer to decide how many pets you feel is suitable for this coop and how much room you want to allow. Please check below dimensions and make decisions by yourselves.
  • Water proof coop, but please cover the coop for heavy rain.

Package Include:


  • 1x Living Room,
  • 1x Nest Box,
  • 1xRun Backyard,
  • 1x Tray


  • 1x Living Room,
  • 1x Nest Box,
  • 1xRun Backyard,
  • 1x Extra Run Cage
  • 1x Tray

    ITEM SPECIFICATIONS:            

    Color: Pink&White/ Blue&White

    Material: Fir Wood

    Size: 6010-0326:70"(W) x39"(D) x 39.4"(H),
             6010-X0327:70"(W) x70.5"(D) x 39.4"(H)

    Living Area Size: 21.3"(L) x 30"(W) x 13.4"(H).

    Nest Box Size: 21"(L) x 11.2"(W) x 13.8"(H).

    Backyard Size : 6010-0326:31.5"(L) x 21.1"(W) x 23.2"-15"(Max/Min Height)
                              6010-X0327:56.5"(L) x31.5"(D) x 23.2"-15"(Max/Min Height)

    The height from ground to the bottom of the living area: 15".

    Tray Size: 21.3"(L) x 30"(W)

    Packing Size: 6010-0326: 40"(L) x 24.6"(W) x11.6"(H);

                           Box 1 of 6010-X0327: 40"(L) x 24.6"(W) x11.6"(H)

                           Box 2 of 6010-X0327: 37.4"(L) x 36.2"(W) x 3.6"(H)

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