MCombo Rechargeable Cordless Pruning Shears with Lithium-Ion Battery

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This pruner is ideal for bushes and small branches. Powered by a high capacity lithium-ion battery, this unit cuts up to 500 branches on a single charge. The ergonomic hand-held design reduces fatigue, allowing you to work pain-free. This pruner comes equipped with a quick blade change for when you need to replace a dull edge. Maintaining your yard and garden just got a whole lot easier!


  • Suitable for pruning bushes, small branches & twigs, and stems to help plants thrive.
  • Magnesium alloy blades easily slices through limbs up to ½ inches in diameter.
  • Constructed of durable ABS that will not rust
  • Ergonomic handle provides a secure, comfortable grip with safety switch to prevent injury
  • Trims branches up to 0.5 inches thick in less than 0.6 seconds
  • Maximum cutting diameter: ½ inches
  • 6-volt, 1500 mAh Rechargeable lithium-ion power battery
  • Up to 500 cuts per charge


Type : 6056-1505

Voltage: DC 3.6V (lithium-ion battery) 

Capacity: Lithium 1500mAh

Item Weight:1.9 pounds

Charging time: 3-5hrs

Max cutting diameter: 0.5 inches

Cutting capacity: 500 cuts (0.25 inch diameter)

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