MCombo Toilet Frame Safety Rails Heavy Duty with Folding Arms, Adjustable Height Toilet Support with Handles for Elderly and Disabled, Fit Different Toilets


Who benefit from the toilet safety frame?

Anyone who have limited mobility, balance issues or need assistance using the toilet due to an illness, recent surgery, health condition, or age-related issues.

Note: There must be at least 5 inch minimum clearance to the wall.

Key Features

  • Fit Various Toilets: Small curved crossbar in front of the toilet and two sides distance-adjustable support bars clamping the toilet combined makes the toilet safety frame is compatible with different kinds of toilets
  • Stable and Secure Toilet Support Frame: Stability and safety of toilet frame cannot be emphasized more enough, which is also the part we care most. Support bars clamping left and right side of toilet, crossbar locking onto the front of bottom toilet and four large strong vacuum suction cups to the floor makes the toilet frame stand still. One hand use doesn't compromise the stability, either
  • 21LB Heavy Duty Toilet Support Frame: Not like aluminum alloy toilet frames with thin leg weighs about 10lb or even less, this carbon steel toilet safety frame weighs 20.9lb with strong and sturdy frames. It adds stability and safety when sitting or getting up from the toilet. Safe weight capacity is 250LB. (The inner width of armrest is 19.9'' and not adjustable.)
  • Flip up Armrests: The armrests can be pushed up or down with little strength, which is very friendly to elderly with muscle weakness or people with low strength, back issues. It gives more room and space when wiping yourself and doesn't obstruct operation. This is also convenient for caregivers to transfer the user from toilet to wheelchair. You can fix the armrest at up or down position by insert the locking plate
  • Modern Sleek Toilet Safety Aids: Toilet safety frame doesn't have to be like in hospital or ugly. This toilet safety frame maintains nice looking outlook while being functional. Beyond that, bright orange color armrest is friendly to elderly or any people with visual impairment and prevent stumble

Item Specification

Assembled Height: 23.2in-29.1in (6 levels)

Inner Armrest Width: 19.9in

Armrest Length: 18.1in

Weight Capacity: 250lbs

Product Weight: 20.9lbs