Vi-band Head Massager Electric Vibration Band Portable Black Fabric Headband

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Why it's so much better
Hands-free:No longer is your head's comfort dependent on the hands of you or someone else.
Affordable:Isn't the prospect of endless head massages worth gathering up the loose change in your couch and cashing that birthday check your grandma sent you 10 years ago?
Won't mess up the do:You spent an hour giving your hair that 'natural' look. YOu don't want to ness that up by running some whisk through it. The Vi-band wraps securely around your forehead, limiting hair style catastrophes.
Rechargeable:We don't think your head's comfort should be limited by a pink bunny with an affinity for percussion instruments.
Portable:Wear it at work, on a dinner with the in-laws. Why limit how comfortable life can be?
Vi-Band: Portable vibration band. An affordable, hands-free head massager.
Suitable in the subway, on the chair, On the couch, on the plane, at the office, etc.
The Vi-Band uses brushless vibration motors that vibrate on specific pressure points on your head - letting you relax without disturbing those around you.
An integrated PCB allows for selecting different massage modes, all specially designed to give you a relaxing, endless head massage.
A variety of optional vibration frequency mode, different levels of pressure degree to choice.
Its a headband that vibrates in specially designed patterns on your head.
3 vibrating nodes. Align center massage node overmiddle of forehead. Align outer massage nodes over your temples.
This band made of comfortable breathable fabric.
Best yet, the headband contains a rechargeable battery so your head massage doesn't end until you say it ends (or, ya know, the battery dies).
This band is surface clean only. Clean fabric portion with a slightly damp cloth and fabric cleaning solution.
Package Includes:
1 x Vi-band head massager
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
Type Name: Vi-Band (vibration band)
Color: Black/White
Material: Elastic kam ammonia cloth, brushless vibration motor, lithium battery, integrated PCB
Length: 26''(66cm)
Packing Size: 6''(L) x 1.5''(W) x 3''(H)(15.4 cm x 3.7 cm x 7.8 cm)

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