MCombo Patio Window Awnings 5'x8', Fully Assembled Manual Retractable Sunshade Canopy for Windows, 4137 4167

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About MCombo Outdoor Series:

 Welcome to MCombo outdoor world, your companion for outdoor living! We offer a diverse range of products, including awnings, swings, table sets, tents, and more, aiming to make your outdoor moments more relaxed and enjoyable. Through continuous innovation and exquisite craftsmanship, MCombo are dedicated to creating an enviable outdoor environment, turning each outdoor moment into a beautiful and unforgettable experience.


Five Points:

 [Easy to Assemble] - MCombo Window Awnings are fully assembled and can be easily used.

[Two Usage Modes] - By adjusting the angle of the awning arms, this awning can provide both vertical shade and be tilted to create a shading angle.

 [Adjustable Sunshade] - Designed with a hand crank, it allows for free adjustment of the sunshade angle through rotation.

 [Sturdy Framework] - The outer frame of the awning is made of steel, and multiple screw fastenings enhance the product's overall robustness.

 [Versatile Applications] - You can use this awning in various settings, including at home, in shops, on the street, and other entertainment venues.


Key Features:

1. Whole assembly awning, easy to use.

2. Freely adjust between vertical and tilted shading.

3. Choose from two sizes of awnings to meet your needs.

4. Versatile usage for various scenes.


Item Specifications:

 Fabric Size: 5*8 ft,6.25*8 ft

 Color options: Dark Blue, Burgundy, Dark Green, Dark Grey

 Material: 280g/m² Polyester +PU coating fabric;Aluminium & Steel Frame